How to become an actuary?


In Belgium one becomes an actuary through a master program taught at a number of the Belgian universities (currently at KULeuven, UCL and ULB), often after taking first a mathematical or economic master. 

Our Belgian universities rank very high in the international rankings for actuarial sciences. Their programs take into account the recommendations as laid out in the AAE Syllabus for actuarial sciences. 

IA|BE and the universities work closely together in the Education Committee of the Institute. The universities give their support to  numerous initiatives such as the IA|BE Prize for the best actuarial master thesis, the IA|BE Chair and the IA|BE  Summer School. IA|BE can also rely on the expertise of the academic staff for trainings in their respective field of expertise.   

IA|BE supports actuarial students via its yearly Internship Fair which introduces students looking for an internship to some 20 companies employing actuaries. 

Students are also welcome at the trainings organised by IA|BE and often benefit from reduced rates. 

Once students acquire the title of master in actuarial sciences and enter the actuarial professional life, they can apply to become an IA|BE Member and join our 1,100 current members. 

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